Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today was very productive. We really focused in on what we want our gameboard to look like and figured out that we will use lillypads (sp? hahaha) and boats to go along with our water and island theme. We also decided that any 3D elements are not going to be permanently attached to the board, this way the game is easy to replicate and easy to fold away. Me and Yolanda created a lot of Lillypad Rules, which will keep the game interesting and fun. We also started coming up with Trivia type questions. Meanwhile, Dan and Heather worked on revising the directions and making them clear.

So the two players will hop along stepping stones until they get to an island, which will have the Battle and Trivia area. Water will be majority of the board. Lillypad rules will be in the shape of lillypads and can be changed up as the game progresses. The boat will hold Trivia cards to test the players math and spelling skills.

I am going to go to AC Moore over the break and pick up several packs of animal figures for our playing pieces.

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