Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Game board

Today is the play testing day and we're doing last-minute layout tweaks. I had printed the image out using MS Publisher which ended up dividing the game board into nine pages—about five more than I had really wanted. This makes it a lot more annoying to assemble. The final version will NOT be printed on Publisher unless I can get clear directions on how Publisher decides its image slicing when printing posters.

We're adding some more features onto the board, such as a fence, and tentatively putting down all of the game space labels. They have not been added to the Photoshop document yet because I didn't want to add them until I was sure what they should be. They'll inflate the file a lot and could get confusing to work through. It's a lot easier to write on the labels by hand onto the draft board until we're confident that each space is labeled correctly.

The mud space has come back into contention. We ended up putting five spaces on the bridge and four stones. The one extra bridge space may turn into a "stuck in the mud, miss a turn" space depending on how our play-testers react. Right now Krisoula and Heather are assembling some specific questions we want our play testers to address including:
  1. Do you like the idea of having a "stuck in the mud" lose a turn space?
  2. Please edit our rules—add anything or cross out any unnecessary words!
  3. Did you unerstand form the rules that there are only two animals allowed on the board at one time?
Hopefully this will prove helpful and improve our game.

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